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Hydraulic Gauges and Test Equipment

A select range of hydraulic gauges, test points for monitoring and hose test assemblies.

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40mm Diameter Dry Pressure Gauge

50mm Diameter Dry Pressure Gauge

Type Specification
Nominal Size 40mm and 50mm
Accuracy +/- 2.5% FSD
Scales PSI Outer (Black) & BAR Inner (Red) - Pressure
HG Outer (Black) & BAR Inner (Red) - Vacuum
Ranges -30/0"HG Vacuum to 0/400 PSI Pressure
Mounting Options Bottom - Direct Mounting Only (standard)
Centre Back - Direct Mounting Only (standard)
Operating Temperature Ambient: -20/+60ºC
Medium: +60ºC maximum
Temperature Effect Variation in indication caused by temperature
± 0.04 x (t2 – t1)% of the span
t1 is the reference ambient temperature in °C
t2 is the ambient temperature in °C
Ingress Protection IP 40 as per EN 60529
Case Enameled Steel - Black
Window Acrylic - Crystal clear, push-fit
Pressure Element CU Alloy - Sealed Bourdon tube C-Type
Joints Soldered with tin alloy
Movement High Precision Brass
Process Connection & Block 40mm diameter Brass - 1/8" BSPT (tapered) male (standard)
Process Connection & Block 50mm diameter Brass - 1/8" BSPT (tapered) male (standard)
Brass - 1/4 BSPT (tapered) male (standard)
Pointer Aluminium - Black
Dial Aluminium - White


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